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The Benefits of Heating Controls For You, Me And The Planet

Posted on May 14, 2013 by admin

Heating Controls! It’s such a simple idea and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. With heating controls you have the power to heat your home or business to the exact temperature you want, no more all or nothing. Heating controls will save you money, save on emissions and save you from being too hot ever again.

Say Goodbye to Extortionate Monthly Bills

Think about all the heat that gets wasted through heating systems without controls. If you’re spending a solitary evening in the home office or settling in for a night in front of the television you don’t need heat to be blaring into the kitchen, with heating controls you heat the rooms you’re using while you’re using them.

During the winter freeze you want to make sure you’re not waking up with icicles for breath or coming home to a kitchen that might as well be in Antarctica, with heating controls you can set your system to start when you need it. You can set it to start half an hour before you wake up so can you begin the day in comfort, and it’ll turn itself off after you leave. Its convenience when you need it most and you’re not paying for heat you’re not using.

Installing a thermostat really does save money and reduce your carbon footprint, on average installing a room thermostat can save a typical 3 bed semi-detached house £55 per year, as well as around 280kg of CO2 and by reducing your home temperature by as little as 1°C can cut as much as 10% off of your energy bills.

Here at Hilton Heating Components we supply thermostats, heating parts and other heating and plumbing supplies to help make your home or businesses as energy efficient as it can be. For more information on the services we offer get in touch today on 01954 211 867 or contact us online and we’ll find the supplies for you.