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What You Should Do When Your Boiler Breaks

Posted on January 28, 2013 by admin

A boiler breakdown can be a nightmare, especially at this time of year when heating and hot water is essential. If you wake up to find your boiler isn’t working or get home to find it’s not on, the most important thing to do is not to panic! There are various checks you can carry out yourself – the problem may be something simple to fix.

Faulty Power Supply?

Your boiler not working could be down to a broken or faulty power supply so you need to check that everything else in your home is working correctly. If you find that nothing is working it might be a case that you have had a power cut in your home or your local areas which probably indicates an electrical fault or a problem with the electricity supplier.

Is it a Gas Supply Issue?

You need to check your gas supply – if there isn’t any gas going into the boiler, firstly check that the gas stop clock is on. If it is on then this may mean you have a gas supply problem. If you have an old style boiler you need to check there is enough oil in the tank, if there isn’t it may be a simple case of filling it up.

Is Your Pilot Light On?

Before assuming your boiler is completely broken you should check whether your pilot light is on, if it’s gone out then your boiler won’t work so you need to ensure its igniting.

If you’ve carried out all these checks and you’re still not sure what the problem is you need to decide whether to take a look at it yourself or call in the professionals – remember only take a look at it yourself if you’re 100% confident you know what you’re doing.

Here at Hilton Heating we are always on hand to provide you with parts for all types of boilers, regardless of their age or brand, so if you suffer a boiler breakdown and need spare parts then make sure we’re your first port of call.